Tail Spin to appear at the 2017 Queensland Hot Rod Show


We are very excited to have the multi award winning FB Holden wild custom ‘Tail Spin’ at our show this year.

Many of you will be aware of a column in Street Machine Magazine called Expression Session, where automotive artists have created an extensive array of incredible designs over the years. One particular Expression Session design has now become a reality, thanks to Adam and Kylie Perry, with the help of a well-known car enthusiast Howard Astill.

Essentially, the brief was to produce a back-to-front version of an FB Holden.  Just flip it round.  Sounds simple!  Walking is simple for some, and everything is within walking distance, if you’ve got the time!  Similarly, it seems that, no matter how difficult the build ends up to be, you can do it…so long as you’ve got A LOT of time.

Adam and Kylie Perry are displaying this unique car at the Queensland Hot Rod Show, June 3 and 4, 2017. So come along and see the engineering on this amazingly crafted street machine and make sure you say G’day to the owners. See you there!